welcome 2 theSKULL.academy

Hey dreamers, drifters and shapeshifters! 

Hunting for the shadows of death and satanic rituals?
Wrong alley, dear friends! 
While we revel in skull & Santa Muerte fashion and art,
our vibes are all light, pop art and laughter. 
Our skulls?
Merely cheeky nudges, reminding you of
life's fleeting dance
and the equality death brings.
Why wait for the next life to dazzle? 

Be brilliantly you, NOW!

75% of the profits of this store go to the
Liquid Sky reforestation project in southern Portugal.

we can create exclusive designs for you

for film productions / theaters / on stage / your next tour / ...

just ASK ! email: HQs@liquidskyartistcollective.com